Thursday, 24 May 2012

By Royal Appointment!

No, don't get too excited we haven't received one of those, just yet, although we have sold our designs to a certain palace-dweller before.  Sorry, sworn to secrecy!

This is us getting all JUBILEE'D UP [I will have to stop inventing new words - the spell-check is having a heart attack!].  First came our Jubilee Cushion Collection.  May I have a small drum roll and maybe a little bit of a fanfare please?... thank you!

Each of our Jubilee cushions is being produced as a Special Numbered Edition and there will only be 60 of each design available EVER!  Numbers 1-25 in the Jubilee Crown cushion have already gone as have numbers 1-40 in the God Save The Queen design [my personal favorite, if it's okay for me to say?].  So, if you would like one, or more, of these lovelies then we recommend placing your order fast.  As with all our cushions, they are handmade, using genuine vintage linen, in our own workshops here in Yorkshire so you can be assured that they are most definitely a uniquely British design!

We also have some really lovely and unusual products from other British designers, all of which are made in Great Britain - not something that can be said about a lot of the Jubilee designs currently available. 

These fabulous Jubilee Tea Towels are the perfect example.  You certainly won't feel the need to put these royal beauties away after the celebrations...

... and we are almost overcome with excitement at having these designs available in store.

I mean, how can anybody have a Jubilee celebration without an owl wearing a crown?! If the tea-set is further than you want to go, on the whole 'crown-wearing owl' thing, then we have mugs in this design too - perfect as a commemorative gift or for toasting 'ER Majesty' at your very own street party!

If you are looking for something to celebrate, what is going to be, a very BRITISH summer, then how about one of the designs from our Vintage Brit collection?  Each one a little piece of history in the making!

Whatever you decide to do for the Jubilee, have a great time and remember.... 'God Save The Queen'!