Monday, 16 January 2012

A Winter's Tale

The sun may not give off much heat, at this time of year, but it shows off the frost covered fields, trees and garden quite beautifully...

The new season seems frozen mid-growth, it's every outline highlighted by the frost...

After a very busy day in the workshop, the dog and I decide to go for a quick stroll before darkness falls.  The weak January sun is still able to light up the sky at it sets for another day.

The long path that leads homeward...

A 'light at yonder window' beckoning us in, promising warmth and shelter.  Just what a girl needs when her nose is turning an unflattering shade of blue!

Hot chocolate and spiced biscuits, perfect for thawing our chilled bones.  Well, mine anyway, the dog will have to make do with water and a chew!

To all you hot chocolate lovers out there, if you haven't already tried it, may I suggest Jamie's Epic Hot Chocolate recipe.  Can't be beaten, in my humble opinion, and once tried you will never go back!

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