Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Weekend in Northumberland...

We have a group of friends that we have known for years and years and years [you get the idea!] and every so often we try to get together for a long weekend.  So, on a cold Friday in February, 7 adults [I use the term loosely] and 2 dogs set off, from various parts of the UK, in the direction of Northumberland, for three days of merriment, reminiscing and general all round raucous behavior! 

Our 5 Star accommodation at Beal turned out to be a little closer to the A1 and not quite as close to the sea as the company's website had implied but, this slight disappointment aside, the interior was, as they say in property circles, 'well appointed', comfortable and most importantly, given the time of year, warm!

The weather was very 'braw' but the skies remained bright for most of the weekend.  Given the early Spring setting [whose daft idea was that?!] we were pretty lucky really.

We spent Saturday at a very blustery Bamburgh.  Parking up close to the castle, we set off down the beach at the kind of brisk pace required to avoid hypothermia!

Teasel on her usual 'high speed' setting!
One of the very few times we saw Teasel stand still all weekend!

It is certainly the time of year for 'long shadows'
D in contemplative mood?
Majestic and magnificent - and that's just the castle!
OH suggested this was a bit 'Reservoir Dogs'?! 

There's nothing quite like a pristine sand dune!
My OH and Tilly [his ever faithful shadow]!
Wouldn't fancy 'assailing' this from any angle!
Wind and sand hardy dune grasses!
Moving faster now... did somebody mention 'pub lunch'?!


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