Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Northumberland... part two

Sunday was spent, rather appropriately, on Holy Island.  Following an enormous cooked breakfast featuring, amongst other things,  the local 'Bamburgh Banger', we set off to cross the causeway to the island.

Bright blue skies and freezing cold winds welcomed us.  The island itself was surprisingly quiet and, wrapped up against the wind, we walked along the beach in the direction of the castle...

Any excuse for a walk along the beach!
another castle in the distance..
Definitely NOT paddling weather!

It may [or may not] come as a surprise, but Gertrude Jekyll designed a really lovely walled garden in a field below the castle. Even though it seems rather out of place in such a windswept, open landscape, it represents a 'haven' in the wilderness...

Gorgeous pebble paving gateway
...where once the garden smiled
Every garden needs a little Lutyens!
Always an imposing sight!
Tidal patterns in the causeway sand...
Big skies and a lot of sand!
How middle class is this?!
Rock pooling - a lovely end to a lovely day!

Just the way a really great weekend should be... good food, good friends, good weather and good beaches!

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