Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lazy Sunday Mornings!

Sunday is the one day of the week when I am not rushing around, like the proverbial headless chicken, trying to get everybody else organised and myself off to work on time... oh, and usually failing miserably!  Sunday is my day for relaxed breakfasts in the company of the Archers Omnibus.  Yes, I know it doesn't start until 10am - when I said 'leisurely', I really meant 'late'!

As if by wonderful coincidence, my latest delivery of culinary loveliness arrived yesterday from Jamsmith, a 'preserves by subscription' business run by clever foodie Vicky Smith.  This month, the ever so retro, brown paper parcel, tied up with string, contained a little jar of sunshine - Seville Orange and Juniper Marmalade to you and me...

Vicky cleverly adds tasting notes as well as innovative recipe ideas and serving suggestions.  Feeling that it was a tad early for the decadent cocktail recipe, I plumped for two thick slices of wholemeal toast with, yup, you've guessed it...

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